Market Research

To obtain orthopaedic surgeon assessment of the Reverse HRS, the company commissioned third party market research surveys for the U.S. and the Top 5 largest E.U. Country markets (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France and Germany). To date, three independent market research studies totaling 309 Orthopaedic Surgeons (206 U.S. and 103 E.U.) have been completed. The first U.S. based study was completed in December 2011 and the second U.S. study and the initial E.U. report were completed in November 2014.

The study surveys included an Reverse HRS overview, a product description, key bench level testing results, Cadaveric study performance and a few brief videos. A series of general Hip Arthroplasty questions were asked in order to gain insight on the hip implant market and associated surgical trends. In addition, direct questions regarding the Reverse HRS were incorporated to secure product specific analysis and feedback. Selected Reverse HRS performance results are included below.

December 2011 U.S. Survey:

November 2014 U.S. Survey:

November 2014 E.U. Survey:

In summary, the three independent U.S. and E.U. market research surveys, which included 309 orthopaedic surgeons, supported significant Reverse HRS market shares, global product acceptance, high THA and Revision procedure utilization and the potential patient treatment population was determined to be extensive.