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Hip Innovation Technology, LLC (HIT) is a privately held company formed in 2011 to provide market-leading orthopaedic device solutions. Our company commitment is to deliver innovative technologies that provide meaningful product differentiation and features that advance the quality of life and quality of care for the patients and the health care providers we are dedicated to serving.

Our lead product technology currently in development is a Hip Replacement System (HRS). The HRS was rationally designed to optimize currently marketed hip system benefits and provide additional solutions to unmet clinical need. The HRS is a unique hip implant design that we believe represents breakthrough technology and a significant advancement for Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA).

World Class device design along with rigorous research and development work has been ongoing for over four years.

Our family of HRS device offerings includes component and monoblock hip implant systems featuring differentiated features and benefits vs. currently marketed systems. State-of-the-art surgical instruments support HRS implant systems. Our instruments combine best in class designs along with novel, patented enhancements that are cleverly constructed and provide ease of use.

Extensive bench testing included over 70 standard and uniquely designed tests. Many of these tests were designed to aggressively challenge a completely assembled HRS system. Typically, regulatory bodies require approximately 20 standard tests and only individual components are tested. The HRS demonstrated excellent performance with all tests including tribology (wear), durability, and validation of structural design criteria, structural integrity and effects of limit loads.

Additionally, a series of Cadaver Studies were performed to assess, among other objectives, the HRS Range of Motion and Stability at normal and mal-positioned acetabular cup placement. In both normal and extreme mal-positioned acetabular cup positions, with various Flexion, Internal and External positions, the HRS was stable and did not impinge or dislocate.

Between December 2011 and November 2014, the company has commissioned market research studies1 for both the U.S. and Top 5 E.U. Countries. The independent market research totaled 309 Orthopaedic Surgeons (206 U.S. and 103 E.U.). As anticipated, survey participants supported wide acceptance of the HRS and the potential patient treatment population was determined to be quite extensive.

The company's HRS Intellectual Property Portfolio contains five granted patents, including U.S. and European patents that provide patent protection through July 2030. In addition, five U.S. patent applications and market-targeted International counterpart applications provide greater portfolio strength and key country protection.

Additional information regarding these summary topics can be found in their respective sections on this site. All technical data presented on this website is on file with Hip Innovation Technology.

Corporate headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. Hip Innovation Technology, LLC is a subsidiary of Joint Innovation Technology, LLC.
The HRS is currently in clinical trial and not yet available for sale.

1 MEDACORP Market Research